Industries We Serve

Frontier provides best-in-class telecommunications.

Frontier serves a wide variety of markets from commercial and retail to government and healthcare. Our highly experienced Business Development Managers are equipped to provide best in class technical solutions. Our clients receive the highest quality products and services possible. We individually assess the particular needs of the different markets we serve.

We offer structured communication services to health care, government, educational, and commercial clients.

Frontier has adapted technical solutions in different industries.

We individually assess the particular needs of the different markets we serve.

Commercial & Retail Market 

Stability and reliability are paramount for this industry, Frontier’s reputation for providing high quality installations allows our customers the necessary security in knowing the project will be completed on time, on budget and exceed their expectations.

High-End SFU and MDU

FRONTIER team of telecom experts understand the importance of fiber connections that provide fast, reliable, content-rich services to SFUs (Single Family Units) and MDUs (Multi Dwelling Units). We design and develop network services that meet the provider’s service delivery needs, while working with the unique specifications and requirements of each unit in communities and developments.


FRONTIER is comfortable leveraging the existing infrastructure, customizing solutions that meet the future needs of the education systems, upgrading where necessary using flexible technologies. FRONTIER also will review wireless opportunities and always work with the client to ensure infrastructure and bandwidth will not be the limitations within the foreseeable future.


When assessing industrial cabling network topology requirements, FRONTIER determines whether the client should use structured cabling or point to point cabling, the primary considerations are the design specs, network longevity, maintainability and installation.  FRONTIER takes these considerations into their decision process to choose the best cabling option for the client’s Ethernet industrial automation application.

Call Centers 

Call Center cabling and infrastructure has continued to drastically evolve over the last twenty years.  OM3/OM4 Multi-mode Fiber can provide the necessary backbone speeds from 1 Gigabit to 40 Gigabit and even 100 Gigabit, to provide the necessary bandwidth needs in larger call centers and Businesses with multiple floors, buildings, or space that require additional Distribution Closets, IDF’s and or Zone Cabling to support the given work area. In many cases Clients are also choosing OS1 and OS2 Single-mode Fiber Optics in addition to the OM3/OM4 Fiber due to the extended distance and almost unlimited bandwidth it provides. All Fiber Optic Cabling Systems Provide superior security performance for sensitive data and applications.

Please contact one of our Network Designers or RCDDs to help you Design, Build & Implement a Structured Cabling System for all your call center and business needs!

Property Management

FRONTIER design and implementation follow a holistic approach, creating a single integrated infrastructure serving the entire building/s. In contrast, when a telecommunications infrastructure is designed following a non-holistic or legacy approach, the building’s telecommunications infrastructure is a piece-meal collection of separate telecommunications infrastructures, each serving the specific space occupied by an individual tenant or department which leads to difficulties associated with troubleshooting, redundant or multiple sources and inconsistent standards and approaches.

Healthcare/Long-Term Care

FRONTIER provides technology services and integrates multiple departments’ clinical systems while maintaining compliance with hospital and government policies during implementation is essential to maintaining long-term patient care and satisfaction.

FRONTIER follows all required industry standards which were developed due to the diversity of the application environments within healthcare facilities and different design approaches need to be considered. Healthcare-specific considerations include:

  • Wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) in hospitals
  • Providing enough bandwidth and density to specific clinical areas in the hospital
  • Installation considerations (infection control and life safety)


With a complete understanding of all applicable specification and standards requirements and RCDD certification, FRONTIER is very well suited to manage all sizes of projects for the government sector.

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